Our Unique Services

We help our clients succeed by providing them with the best
services mainly in 2 law sectors.

  • Civil Law

    Everything regarding individuals.      

  • Commercial Law

    Everything regarding corporates.

Best Services

We help to create strategies, design & development.

Commercial Cases

Concerning the disputes of merchants, contractors, engineering offices and supply contracts.

Bankruptcy Cases

Financial reorganization of bankrupt companies, preventive settlement and administrative liquidation.

Tax Contradictions

Judicial pleading before tax dispute committees and insurance and financing dispute committees.

Civil Cases

Concerning real estate disputes, financial claims, insolvency and property disputes. Labor cases related to work contracts, wages, work injuries, compensation for them, and what is related to the employer's imposition of disciplinary sanctions on the worker.

Corporates Control

Establishing, structuring and registering companies according to the Saudi system. Develop internal policies that include the system, processes and people.

Executive Cases

Implementation and rollout of new network infrastructure, including consolidation.


Extracting licenses and records and arranging the relationship between the foreign investor and the target party.

Legacy Conflicts

Inheritance and inheritance disputes, family partnerships, and issues related to endowment trustees and beneficiaries.

Dream. Innovate. Implement.

Our creative agency is ranked among the finest in Saudi Arabia. We always provide in-demand high quality services. CLient satisfication is our primary goal, and we have always been known for achieving our goals.

We provide free initial consultation and support.

We work with some of the most successful businesses.

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